Private Feedback
10-15 minute video analysis of your Landing Page covering design, code, performance & more.
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"The feedback was very helpful and pointed out areas that I can now see need improving. It was also good that you provided links to explanations for further investigation."
Peter Nunn - Designer, Founder

First Impression

Immediate thoughts upon first review without reading the submitted build notes. These comments often pick up issues with the overall concept and flow of the website. Often a team has been working on a website so long they forget that it needs to be much clearer to new users.

User Experience (UX)

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the One Page website. UX feedback covers: Language tone, Trust, Transparency, Navigation and Consistency.


Suggestions that come from a subjective point of view. Design feedback covers: Logo, Branding, Responsive adaption, Spacing and more.


Suggestions based on reports from online services but also include experienced suggestions for good practice. Code feedback covers: PageSpeed Insights, Source Code inspection, Search Engine Optimization, Heading hierarchies and more.


Bad grammar and spelling result in terrible first impressions and decrease conversions. We point out the errors.

Final Thoughts

Suggestions on ways to improve the overall website concept delivery. This could include simplifying the website or even adding more elements to increase trust.
Payment handled with Stripe or PayPal

How is payment handled?

Payment is securely handled with Stripe or PayPal. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you feel the review wasn't worth the money.

Do you review multiple page websites?

We only give feedback on One Page Websites and not multiple page websites with big navigations. Marketing "Landing Pages" within bigger websites are allowed.

Who does the review?

Rob Hope, the founder of One Page Love, who has over a decade of website design and development experience. Every day, he adds his commentary to websites featured on One Page Love, now over 6000.

What exactly does the review look like?

The review is presented in a 10-15 minute video. Rob talks while interacting with your Landing Page. Below the video is a summary of review crits and links. If you want a quicker Audio-only feedback for $5, head here.

How private is the review?

You are sent the private "unlisted" YouTube video link where only you see the feedback. The link is however easily shared if you wish - this is great for teams. Only you have the link.

I have a pre-sale question not answered here?

Please email us on and we'd be happy to answer your questions:)

Payment handled with Stripe or PayPal
"Thanks a lot, the feedback was very good and our developers will take a closer look and make some fixes. A good service idea and the price is worth it."
Michael Gattereder - Creative Director
"Your video feedback was very useful to me and left me enthusiastic to make changes. The way you clearly criticized each part gives me the motivation to improve!"
Federico Guzzardi - Designer
"Thank you for the video review - it is really helpful for us. Not only for this One Page WordPress theme but we will improve all our Single Page themes going forward"
Harmeet Singh - Theme Developer