Feedback For Coffee ☕️
A short but sweet 3-5 minute Audio feedback of your One Pager or Landing Page covering first impressions, design, code & suggestions.
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How does this thing work?

I love giving website feedback. I also love coffee. You send me $5, I'll buy a delicious brew and deliver you a solid critique of your website.

Do you give feedback on multiple page websites?

I only give feedback on One Page Websites and not multiple page websites with big navigations. Marketing "Landing Pages" within bigger websites are allowed.

Who gives the feedback?

Rob Hope, the founder of One Page Love, who has over a decade of website design and development experience. Every day, he adds his commentary to websites featured on One Page Love, now over 6000.

What exactly does the feedback look like?

The feedback is presented in a 3-5 minute AudioNote. I talk while interacting with your Landing Page. Here is an example of a feedback AudioNote.

How private is the feedback?

You are sent the link to the AudioNote feedback where you can play on any device. The link is however easily shared if you wish - this is great for teams. Only you have the link and it is cannot be indexed by Google.

Do you offer a more detailed feedback?

You bet! I offer a Private Video Feedback for $49 where I interact with your Landing Page while giving constructive feedback.

Payment handled with Stripe or PayPal
"Really impressive feedback! You've been generous with your time and it's super insightful."
Will Messiha - Product Bake
"You'll be getting many more coffees from me mate - this is priceless quick advice for my side projects."
James Elliot - Entrepreneur