Feedback for Coffee – Ep 02 ☕️

Published by Rob Hope in on 21 Sep 2018


Feedback for Coffee is my Landing Page critique series. As I scroll I give constructive feedback and further advice for your Landing Pages. Please let me know your thoughts on this new video format!

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Landing Page Takeaways

  1. Design within a defined grid layout
  2. Add testimonials from real people
  3. Highlight product or service features within testimonials
  4. Keep pricing tables clean and simple
  5. Are your pricing tables clearly displaying feature restrictions?
  6. Add FAQs below pricing tables
  7. Consider a sticky header with a CTA button visible at all times
  8. Mobile: fix those overflows yo!
  9. Mobile: reduce non-vital content taking vertical real estate
  10. Just shy of “A 5 star rating” is more convincing than a 5 star rating
  11. All page content should flow to a single conversion
  12. Split different services into different Landing Pages
  13. Intro copy should identify with a user problem
  14. Ad/Marketing campaign copy should match intro copy
  15. Does your Landing Page copy portray your potential customer will be looked after by real people?