December 20, 2013 - Journal

“Going Niche with One Page Love” WordCamp Cape Town Video and Review

Rob-Hope-WordCamp-2013-TalkOn 07 November 2013 I presented a talk at WordCamp Cape Town on how I grew One Page Love from a tiny niche site to what it is today. I covered growth, monetization and targeting Niche.

There are a few um’s and ah’s in the beginning but I get my rhythm:) Very happy with it as my first public talk, can’t wait to do it again.

Like I keep repeating in the video – user experience is important to me, so please keep sending your thoughts and feedback. I really appreciate it. The video is now online and embedded below for your viewing pleasure:)

Talk Review

Lauren Granger, over at Memeburn, covered the talk really well. Read her review and thoughts here.

“Growth, monetization and traffic retention in a saturated market” WordCamp Video

Talk Slides