Introducing Feedback for Coffee ☕️

Published by Rob Hope in Journal, on 16 Jun 2017
Feedback for Coffee

Almost daily I get emailed asking for website feedback. So last year I launched a Video Feedback Service for $29. It’s been great and really helping One Page Love readers. Stoked!

However there are readers that want a quicker feedback. A simple “check in” with a fresh set of eyes to bring up areas where things aren’t aligning with business goals. A Landing Page often has one objective (eg. newsletter sign up, product sale, digital download, a portfolio with enquiry form) and everything not aligned with achieving that is noise.

Feedback for Coffee is a short but sweet 5 minute Audio feedback of your One Page website or Landing Page covering first impressions, design, code and ends with a few suggestions.

Why? I love giving website feedback. I also love coffee. You send me $5, I’ll buy a delicious brew and deliver you a solid critique of your website.

Hope you find the new service useful:)

Much love,

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