May 14, 2018 - Most Loved Round-Ups

The Top 5 One Page Websites from April 2018


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Below are the Top 5 One Page websites awarded “Most Loved” in April – hope you enjoy!

5. (App, Experimental, Music Related)

Minimal One Pager with a beautiful initial load transition for the app – a curation of experimental mixtapes. The device in my opinion could be a tad bigger but an excellent mobile adaption and lovely first impression.

4. Kidio (App, Startup)

Gorgeously designed Landing Page for Kidio – a suite of school safety software. The design fills a big resolution so well and that testimonial slider is one of the best looking ones I’ve seen. Cheers for the detailed build notes Kevin!

3. Crypton (Finance, Launching Soon, Startup)

Very impressive One Pager for Crypton – a cryptocurrency trading bot based on machine learning. As you scroll, the infographics animate explaining a bit about what the bot does. The page ends with a simple pitch saying they are looking for investment and to increase the team – a refreshing way to go about a pitch, in a Single Page website.

2. Webflow Design Trends 2018 (Finance, Launching Soon,Startup)

Excellent One Page website by Webflow curating web design trends to watch in 2018. Each section background is designed to represent the trend you’re reading about with bonus links to examples under the copy. Also worth noting the whole Landing Page presentation was built within the Webflow platform 👏

1. Me Too Rising (Experimental)

Incredible One Page website visualizing the “Me Too” movement from Google Trends. The data represented in the interactive globe is based on #MeToo topics people searched for around the world. Real cool how they included a comprehensive section on sexual assault resources too. Respect to everyone involved.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful One Pagers from April!

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