December 31, 2017 - Round-Ups

The Top One Pagers from Dec 2017

Here are the Top 5 Single Page websites featured on the One Page Love website in December. Hope they keep you inspired to create your own beautiful One Pagers โ€“ enjoy!

SketchCleaner (Download, Landing Page)

Beautifully designed One Pager for SketchCleaner - a Sketch plugin that helps keep your design files as clean as a whistle. Lovely touch with the subtle header background diamond effect (alike the Sketch logo) thats also inverted to a dark scheme in the gorgeous spacious footer.

Your 2017 Wrapped (Annual Report, Experimental, Music Related)

Lovely, colorful One Pager with vibrant transitions and animations recapping your 2017 year of listening on Spotify. The microsite (on a dedicated domain) creates personalized stats and playlists based on your recent activity. Neat inclusion of a 3-part quiz testing how well you know your taste. Finally it prompts a download of your stats into a perfect social-sharing sized card to boast your listening stats (while spreading the Spotify word!).

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Bachoy (Portfolio)

Impressive dark-schemed One Page portfolio for Ryan Magno. The Single Page website features loads of attention to detail including a command prompt style intro text, spotlight effect background, hover sensitive content items and changing backgrounds to match the current project you are browsing.

Kaltpresse (Product)

Long-scrolling One Pager with a unique arrangement of beautiful imagery and typography for cold-pressed juicery, Kaltpresse. Neat touch with the winking animation when hovering over the juice range links - each loading up additional scrollable content. When clicking the info icon (bottom-right) note how the new content loads but keeps a peephole of the content you were currently browsing - very impressive. Final shout out to the team section with such charismatic imagery, creating a hearty first impression toward the brand.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful One Pagers from December! Which was your favorite?

Much love,

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