February 28, 2018 - Most Loved Round-Ups

The Top 5 One Pagers from February 2018

Here are the Top 5 Single Page websites featured on the One Page Love website in February. Hope they keep you inspired to create your own beautiful One Pagers – enjoy!

5. Ritual (Launching Soon, Portfolio)

Gorgeous load transitions in this stylish One Pager for Swedish digital agency, Ritual. Note the attention to detail with the website preloader within their logomark, the spinning domain in the corner and the subtle scrolling background text. This website was featured on Yo! #003 🚀

Ritual Website Screenshot

4. Kelvin Hung (Personal)

Unique and even magical One Page for developer Kelvin Hung focused around him sitting on a rock coding. What an impressive first impression when he turns to face you as you move your cursor toward him. This website was featured on Yo! #005 🚀

Kelvin Hung Website Screenshot

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3. Andreas Gysin‏ (Experimental, Portfolio)

Incredibly unique One Pager for Swiss developer Andreas Gysin‏. What used to be his ASCII playground is now his minimal portfolio with cursor-sensitive interactions. This website was featured on Yo! #003 🚀

Andreas Gysin‏ Website Screenshot

2. Total FPS (Game, Launching Soon)

World class launching soon page for upcoming gaming resource, Total FPS, featuring an interactive bomb defusing situation. When you cut the wrong wires everything explodes leaving you with links to follow for the launch announcement. Lovely touch with the sliding iron sound effect when you open up the newsletter sign up block💣 This website was featured on Yo! #005 🚀

Total FPS Website Screenshot

1. Ueno 3D Interview (Experimental)

Incredibly impressive One Pager by Ueno called Ueno Interview. The 3D-modeled microsite basically lets you interview with various members of the Ueno team in a cheeky dialog and slick interactive interface. Once you get going you realize your character is a hot dog which becomes part of the narrative and it's hilarious! This website was featured on Yo! #002 🚀

Ueno 3D Interview Website Screenshot

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful One Pagers from February! Which was your favorite?

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