The Top 5 One Pagers from July 2019

Published by @RobHope in Round-Ups on 31 Jul 2019

Here are the Top 5 Single Page websites featured on the One Page Love website in July. Hope they keep you inspired to create your own beautiful One Pagers โ€“ enjoy!

5. Hastings Architecture

Unique One Pager for Hastings Architecture featuring an interesting wide-canvas approach with news (and about/team) loading left and projects right. Also note how the news feed scrolls slightly slower than the projects, nice touch!

4. Sketch Manager

Clean dark-schemed Landing Page for Sketch Manager featuring a gorgeously subtle use of parallax scrolling for the initial screenshot.

3. Clickpivot

Great looking One Pager with clean typography for custom branding and web design studio Clickpivot. Lovely touch with quick fire pop-up portfolio and also the interactive quote generator further down. Cheers for the excellent build notes!

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2. The Grid

Hilariously verbose copy but what an incredible background animation (demo) in this One Pager teasing v3 of The Grid.


Lovely subtle parallax effects as you scroll this vibrant One Pager for the app by CloudFlare. Also what a gorgeous touch with the scrolling colorful contours behind the intro headline copy.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful One Pagers from July! Which was your favorite?

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