The Top 5 One Pagers from June 2019

Published by @RobHope in Articles, Round-Ups on June 30, 2019

Here are the Top 5 Single Page websites featured on the One Page Love website in June. Hope they keep you inspired to create your own beautiful One Pagers โ€“ enjoy!

5. Patryk Zabielski (Personal, Portfolio)

Slick, long-scrolling redesign of product designer Patryk Zabielski's One Page portfolio. Really like how he's integrated minimal thumbnail designs for his Medium-feed articles.

4. Galleon and Caravan (Finance)

Just love how simple but effective the reveal animation is in this One Pager for payment services film, Galleon and Caravan.

3. Gian Marco Maurizi (Game, Personal)

Minimal One Pager for UI designer Gian Marco Maurizi featuring a fun interactive game of snake within the web page.

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2. Cherri Hartigan (Game, Portfolio)

Fun One Page portfolio for Cherri Hartigan also acting as an interactive game of pac-man amongst her biography.

1. Home Societe (Portfolio, Service)

Stylish Single Page website for furniture designers, Home Societe. Great to see another well-oiled horizontal scrolling One Pager again, that even includes slick left-to-right parallax effects.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful One Pagers from June! Which was your favorite?

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