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Submitting is free, if accepted it's $29 for a review. Only 1 in 5 submissions get featured. Please read the FAQs before submitting.

How it works

1. You submit for free, using the form below
2. We take a look
3. If it is a good fit, we email back a link to pay $29 for a review
4. You pay $29 (we get notified)
5. We create your author profile, capture a Retina screenshot, assign categories, add search tags, write about what is noteworthy, publish
6. We email you with the review link

⚠️ We only accept One Page websites. Here are the rules:


  • Landing Pages, within big websites, with header navigation links to the same page sections.

  • One Pagers with links to Support, Privacy Policy, Impressum, Press, Terms, Change Logs and even Blog sections.

  • One Page Portfolios with projects that load up in overlays.

  • One Pagers built using a template but have big modifications.

Not accepted

  • Landing Pages with a navigation linking to other pages.

  • Portfolios with links to separate project pages.

  • One Pagers built using a website template.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get notified if my submission was not accepted?

No. You will only get notified if we plan to review your website. Please feel free to submit future versions of the site.

If accepted, how long will the review take?

About a week.

Why was my submission not accepted?

There are 2 possible reasons:

1. You submitted a website breaking the rules (see above).

2. The style of your website was not aligned with the types of inspiration we are trying to list.

Please don't let this get you down. Some popular categories (eg. portfolios) are stricter on the design than others. While some less-popular categories (eg. non-profit, music, newsletters) are more lenient. Sometimes, we'll review a website with an ok design if it features a very unique and noteworthy component within the page.

Will my review get featured in our newsletter?

Unfortunately not. Each edition has handpicked content. There are considerations if we have featured too much of the same type of content in that edition.