Yo! Podcast #002 – John O’Nolan – Founder of Ghost

Published by @RobHope in on March 28, 2019

John O’Nolan (@JohnONolan) is the founder of Ghost – a profitable, not-for-profit business that gives away their code for free. How? On the one side is Ghost the open-source publishing software. On the other is the same platform run as a premium hosted SaaS business.

We rap about remote working, pricing, competition and building a future platform to help journalists monetize their craft.

The episode links and text transcription are found below – hope you enjoy the interview! Oh, and here is a SaaS Pricing video clip from the interview that I salvaged from the failed camera footage.

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Watch: John O’Nolan on Pricing SaaS Products

This is salvaged footage as the main camera on John cut out halfway and the GoPro backup (you see kick in near end) was out position.


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