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  • One Page Love is the leading organically searched One Page template resource and hosts over 10k daily visitors.
  • On average a template featured on One Page Love will receive more than 2000 visitors and numerous sales.

What’s in it for the template author for $5/month?

  • Tons of traffic to your template. We have never featured a template that hasn’t made a sale.
  • Access to our private Template Author newsletter with a report on the past 30 days of One Page Love search results. This newsletter also includes useful One Page template insights and trends.
  • After 12 months, the template is re-listed on the One Page Love home page. The template price, review and screenshots are updated if needed. This also pushes your template to the front of template search results.
  • After 12 months, the template is re-shared on One Page Love social media channels.
  • For only $5 an author can test if a template works. Example: if no sales in 30 days, they simply cancel the subscription and we remove the template. So only a $5 risk to submit instead of the old $35 price.
  • Featured templates receive an online Award Banner for their product pages.
  • Featured templates receive a printable Award Certificate.

What’s in it for One Page Love?

  • We feature over 400 templates and the quality (info, screenshots, links) of the older templates is not good. This affects our reader experience. The subscription route allows us to clean up the template collection while improving the quality and browsing experience for our readers.
  • We are struggling to keep track of price and feature changes – the 12 month re-listing allows us to inspect all templates again to ensure quality.
  • Template authors willing to submit to this model are all serious template authors that regularly update their products. We want to promote these types of pro-active authors to our readers as the quality is higher.
  • We want to keep One Page Love sustainable as a business so we can continue to add fresh content every day. This is the secret that gets more eyes on your templates.


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