One Page Love Transparency

Here are the monthly running costs that might be of value if youโ€™re considering building a similar site.

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Project Scope:

Before breaking down the costs it will be good to understand the skeleton of the whole project.

Location Description One Page Love home page Website inspiration (over 7000 One Page websites collected since 2008) Website templates (around 350 free and premium, majority not built by OPL) Website-related articles and round-ups

Running Costs:

Approximate figures based on recent invoices.

Cost/mo Item Provider Notes
$100 WordPress Hosting Flywheel Shared with Email Love and my personal website
$50 Image CDN IMGIX This is for archive & review screenshots + social share images
$32 Analytics Plausible Simple and privacy-friendly analytics
$25 Commerce Gumroad Online transactions for a few items on the site
$25 Automation Zapier Commerce to newsletters and welcome emails with download links
$20 Video Hosting Vimeo Pro Ad-free, customizable and unsharable videos for my courses
$16 Template Builder Webflow Our Webflow Landing Page Templates are naturally built using the platform
$15 Email Marketing EmailOctopus Managing the Newsletters and the 100 day Hot Tips Email Drip
$15 Music Epidemic Sound Royalty-free music for YouTube videos
$15 RSS to Email MailerLite Managing the Custom RSS > Inspiration Only Newsletter
$10 Screencasts Loom Landing Page video feedback and audits
$5 Search Plugin SearchWP WordPress suggestive AJAX search plugin. Shared with Email Love on the $119/year Pro plan
$5 Email G Suite One primary acc for [email protected] then have a few aliases
$1 Domain & DNS Hover Amount averaged from $12/year

Website Content

Current content published (updated real time) but note I’ve removed hundreds of discontinued templates over the years.

Inspiration Templates Articles
7525 260 73

Building One Page Love series

Behind-the-scenes vids. Please let me know what else you want to see?

Date Topic
23.01.2019 The 2008 moment I thought up One Page Love
31.03.2018 3 Lessons Growing OPL from Side Project to Full Time Job
28.03.2018 How One Page Love monetizes (2018 Edition)

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Launches and noteworthy features

Date Milestone Link
19.05.2021 Soft-launch of new 2-column Templates section Visit
02.09.2020 Published Landing Page Hot Tips book Visit
26.05.2020 Launched 100 Landing Page Hot Tips in 100 days Visit
28.12.2019 Soft-launch of Author Profiles Visit
27.12.2019 Soft-launch of Typeface taxonomy Visit
04.09.2019 Official launch of sister-site Email Love Blog
30.08.2019 Suggestive AJAX search now integrated with SearchWP Visit
22.08.2019 Soft-launch of design references like team sections Visit
01.08.2019 Beta launch of sister-site Email Love Blog
20.03.2019 Launch of the One Page Love v3 with new red branding Blog
13.03.2019 Archive thumbnails now include longer screenshots  
12.02.2019 Archives now infinite scroll  
31.03.2018 OPL turns ten Blog
31.03.2008 OPL launches Screenshots