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UMO Folio One Page Tumblr Theme

‘UMO Folio’ is a new responsive One Page theme by PixelMoxie created specifically for the Tumblr platform. The One Page theme is unique for Tumblr as it provides elements perfect to create an online portfolio including sections for team, skills and portfolio items. What’s great of course is that once you buy the theme hosting is then free with Tumblr. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of these Tumblr themes and I can see a trend forming here as other developers are going to see the 100+ sales at $35 – aint so bad;)

UMO Folio is a single-page responsive portfolio theme for Tumblr, created with illustrators and designers specially in mind, although it can be useful for photographers and any kind of graphic artists as well.

The theme includes seven different sections: About, Services, Portfolio, Team, Testimonials, Clients, and Contact. On the Portfolio grid, you can define the number of columns, and the shape and proportion of the thumbnails.

On the site footer you can display your social media links, your latest tweets, and photostreams from Dribbble, Flickr, and Instagram.
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