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  • Reviewed: June 14, 2016
  • Template? Yes, this is an Joomla Template
  • Price: $43
  • Built by: CMSLab
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One Page Joomla Template Review


'Vanessa' is a long-scrolling One Page Joomla template suited for a clean landing page. The responsive template could be used quite well to promote your new app or website. Sections include big image/slide/video intro, feature infographics, pricing tables, newsletter signup, testimonial slider and nice big Google Map footer. Great to see another One Pager in the Joomla template category.
Vanessa is suitable for apps, web products, services and all startup websites. Vanessa build with responsive design, meaning your new site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device.
Rob Hope

This One Page Joomla Template was reviewed by Rob Hope

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