June 20, 2017 - Articles

Customise your One Page Website or Template with WP Kraken

WP Kraken

So you’re set on your next idea, found the perfect website template, added your content but now stumped on integrating that final feature. Nope, 15 WordPress plugins just isn’t the answer.

Luckily WP Kraken steps in, a service that helps you with the last 10% that gets your idea shipped.

Simply put, their service provides custom design and code tweaks to integrate features not provided by your template or existing website.

“What types of services do they offer?”

  • Custom Feature Additions eg. add newsletter sign up box
  • Speed Optimization
  • Website Migration to better hosting
  • Testing & Bug Fixing
  • Design Improvements
  • Non-WordPress HTML coding too

“Awesome, but why should use I them?”

  • Quick and Free Quotes (the quote form is so slick)
  • Low risk, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Trusted, with over 38 000 Clients
  • Experience, to get your idea shipped


I know a lot of OPL readers get stuck in that final phase before a launch and hope WP Kraken can get you across the line. Please send feedback of your experience with them:)


ps. how rad is the Octopus branding 🐙