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Date featured: June 19, 2013
Template? No, this is a unique design
Built by: Unknown
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Unique One Page Website Review

Sam Markiewicz

Front end dev Sam Markiewicz's goal with his portfolio was to make users smile and he has no doubt done so with a unique fun one pager that assembles while you scroll.
There was only one goal: have fun, and make smile (yes, in fact two). This portfolio put all my web presence in one place, but in a fun way. Hope you'll like it !
Categories: Most Loved Portfolio
  • Xuka


  • simon

    great!very cool!

  • penicillus

    how do you made it

  • cassie

    such a wonderful work. i like it.

  • 小萌 赵

    Cool!!!!! I love it.

  • Hsin Fang Wang

    I laughed at how the site responded to its non-responsiveness. hahahahaha

  • yaaang