12 One Page Multipurpose Templates

Multipurpose One Page Template and Themes catering for several industries. These are excellent for agencies or freelancers who want to reuse the template on multiple client websites without having to relearn the setup. See our July $2.95 Hosting Special ๐Ÿฌ

Serenity Lite Thumbnail Preview

Serenity Lite Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Stack Lite Thumbnail Preview

Stack Lite Multipurpose HTML Template

Fusion Lite Thumbnail Preview

Fusion Lite Multipurpose HTML Template

Essence Lite Thumbnail Preview

Essence Lite Multipurpose HTML Template

Meelo Thumbnail Preview

Meelo Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Genemy Thumbnail Preview

Genemy Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Pergo Thumbnail Preview

Pergo Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Brutal Thumbnail Preview

Brutal Multipurpose HTML Template

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