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One Page Love is the leading showcase of beautiful One Page websites, templates and resources.

A “One Pager” is a Single Page website with no additional pages like About, Team or Services. All the content sits within the same webpage, traditionally in a long-scrolling layout.

The beauty of a One Page website is it tries to promote one thing in an uncluttered, direct manner. This allows the visitor to make a quicker decision vs sending them to a bloated website with many options.

The One Page Love website was launched in March 2008 by Rob Hope in Cape Town, South Africa who continues to add One Page websites and resource daily.



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Who? What? When? How?

Rob Hope - One Page Love

The One Page Love website was launched in March 2008 by Rob Hope in Cape Town, South Africa.

The website runs on WordPress using a custom WordPress theme.

Suggestions and feedback always welcome – I really want to continuously improve your user experience.

Email: rob@onepagelove.com
Twitter: @robhope
Instagram: @rob_hope
Website: robhope.com


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Milestones and Updates



  • 21 Dec: All future templates listed now have video reviews (example)
  • 21 Dec: Added new Multipurpose Templates category
  • 12 Dec: One Page Love now on Instagram! ๐Ÿ“ธ
  • 08 Dec: Started adding video reviews to the best One Pagers (example)
  • 17 Nov: Removed 150+ templates that had broken demos or no longer supported
  • 24 Oct: Blogged How One Page Love Monetizes ๐Ÿฐ
  • 06 Oct: Changed all references to landing page to Landing Page on reviews
  • 05 Oct: Added new Design Elements blog sub-category to better browse Element round ups
  • 05 Oct: In the review meta box, added “Built Using X” if a CMS was used eg. WordPress
  • 03 Oct: Changed all references to one page to One Page on reviews :)
  • 27 Sep: Search now has an Inspiration, Article and Template category filter ๐Ÿ”Ž
  • 21 Sep: Started pruning old templates not updated within 2 years – the archive peaked at 471
  • 20 Sep: RSS Feed now includes full review link and direct website link
  • 18 Sep: Added more specific credits (eg. Illustrations by) to meta info box top-right on reviews
  • 18 Sep: Fixed bad stuck-navigation bug on Tablet and Mobile (since Aug 14)
  • 13 Sep: RSS Feed now has Retina-optimized images
  • 12 Sep: Big restructuring of architecture enforcing older images are all HTTPS
  • 07 Sep: Introduced new Screenshot Concierge service
  • 25 Aug: Modified top header navigation to stay fixed on scroll
  • 01 Jul: Added new ‘Finance‘ inspiration category
  • 29 Jun: Added new ‘One Page Blog‘ inspiration category
  • 21 Jun: Added new ‘Services’ main menu navigation
  • 16 Jun: Introduced new Feedback For Coffee service
  • 18 Feb: Renamed ‘Gallery’ main menu nav item to ‘Inspiration’
  • 18 Feb: Renamed ‘Blog’ main menu nav item to ‘Read’
  • 17 Feb: Killed SEO Plugin, custom coded all SEO, added social meta tags
  • 09 Feb: New big footer with newsletter sign up
  • 07 Feb: Started a slow roll out of Demo buttons on Template reviews
  • 23 Jan: Launched article/eBook 10 Quick Tips to tighten your Landing Page design






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