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A collection of 254 One Page website templates. Each template includes a review, long screenshot, live demo and download links. These One Page website templates can really help kickstart your next project. Use the top Templates menu to browse sub-categories.

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This design template requires a free Figma account.

This template is included with a $16/month Squarespace account where you can edit online, no coding knowledge needed.

This template requires a $12/month Webflow account. The clone link above will take you to the Webflow website where you will complete the additional once-off $24 payment for the template.

This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress installation.

This clone link will ask you to sign up for a free Framer account before you can start editing online. Framer is free if you use a Framer subdomain ( and keep their corner branding. It is $5/mo if you want to use a custom domain and remove the Framer logo. Learn more about Framer pricing.

This template requires HTML + Bootstrap coding knowledge and needs to be setup on your own hosting.

This template can only be edited and hosted with the Wix online website builder. Wix is free if you use a Wix subdomain and keep corner their header branding. It is $4.50/mo to use a custom domain or $8.50/mo to remove the Wix branding. Learn more about Wix pricing.

This template requires Tailwind CSS coding knowledge and needs to be setup on your own hosting.

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