Framer 2024 Pricing Explained

Published by Rob Hope in Website Builders, on 5 Dec 2022

Framer is a new online no-code website builder with a similar interface to Figma. In this article I dissect the recently introduced pricing tiers including a few FAQs at the bottom.

Pricing Highlights:

  • The Framer Free tier allows 3 websites built on a subdomain with their branding in the footer.
  • Framer is one of the only website builders that is completely free with no trial period.
  • Framer Mini tier removes Framer branding and allows you to use use a custom domain for only $5/month (if paid annually).
  • Using this link to upgrade, then enter the coupon pro-yearly-partner will get 3 months off an annual subscription (renews at normal rate).

Framer 2024 Pricing Breakdown:

There is one free tier and 3 premium tiers, we’re not going to get into the custom enterprise tier:

Free Mini Basic Pro
Cost per monthIf paying annually Free $5/month $15/month $25/month
Cost per monthIf paying monthly Free $10/month $20/month $30/month
Site Limit 3 1 1 1
Remove AttributionThe badge in website footer x √ √ √
Custom Domain x √ √ √
CollaborationAdd $25 per extra editor √ √ √ √
Custom Code EmbedCSS, Javascript x √ √ √
E-commerceStripe, Gumroad, Paypal x √ √ √
CMS ItemsBlogs or Products 1000 None 1000 10000
TrafficMonthly visitor limit 1,000 2,000 10,000 100,000
BandwidthMedia downloaded limit 1GB 1GB 10GB 100GB
  Sign Up Pay $10 Pay $20 Pay $30

FAQ: Should I use Framer for my next website?

Framer is a great free and simple website builder for a One Page and complex websites. It’s a step up from Carrd with less constraints as it opens the door for more complex website features.

Check out our article: Carrd Pricing Explained to see the differences in website builders but the clincher is the direct link Framer has with Figma. Not only is the layout very similar to Figma, you can directly import your design into Framer. It you love Figma, then Framer will soon become your building tool of choice.

If the interface scares you but you still want a great looking One Pager with unlimited blogs/pages for content marketing, I would highly recommend Squarespace who has the easiest-to-use website page builder in the market.

FAQ: How free is the Framer website builder?

The Framer free tier allows 3 website builds on a subdomain with their branding in the header. However, each website is limited to 1,000 traffic visitors and 1,000 CMS items.

FAQ: Does Framer have a refund policy?

If downgrading on the monthly plan there is no refund and your access to premium features will be disabled at the end of your billing cycle after cancellation. For annual plans there is a 7 day grace period. Beyond the grace period you can still cancel your monthly subscription and access will be granted until the end of your billing cycle. Note that downgrading does not lock you out of your website.

FAQ: How attentive is the Framer support team?

I’ve had a great experience. Simple support system with a 12-24hr turnaround time.

Well that’s a wrap, hope you found the breakdown helpful! If you need a kickstart with Framer, check out our Framer conversion service and our Framer templates section – each template is one-click cloneable to get you going in no time.

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