Meet Vijay Verma – Design Wizard 🧙 🇮🇳

Published by Rob Hope in Interviews, on 7 Jun 2024

Meet Vijay Verma – a talented designer renowned for his intricate Figma art and his extensive portfolio of free digital resources.

I have featured Vijay’s One Page websites in the past so it was killer to have a chat with him.

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In this episode, we explore his humble beginnings as an electrician in India and his rise to become one of the most beloved designers in the Figma community. Additionally, we have a special case study where Vijay walks us through his character design process, complete with a bonus time-lapse recording he sent after the interview.

Please note that Vijay speaks quite fast, and this is a media-rich episode. Therefore, I highly recommend watching the interview on YouTube with subtitles on.

YouTube-linked topics:

• Intro (00:00)
• Tiranga (01:19)
• Discovering Photoshop (03:48)
• Intermission: No Context (04:47)
• Figma Art vs UI Design (06:41)
• Sponsor: Webflow (08:40)
• Money vs Community (09:58)
• The Colorful Ghost (13:25)
• The Ice Tent (21:06)
• Intermission: Overrated, Underrated (24:21)
• Platform ROI (25:44)
• Home or Away (28:30)
• Config 2025 (30:05)
• Where to follow Vijay (31:02)
• Outro (31:49)
• Bonus: Ghostly time-lapse (32:04)

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