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First off, thanks so much for wanting to contribute to One Page Love! Did you know over 150k designers and developers visit the website each month making it the leading resource for One Page website inspiration.

UI Component or Template submission? Email [email protected]

So Single Page websites is our niche. If you fully understand what a One Page website is please continue, else click here.

📬 How submission works:

  1. Email your website URL to: [email protected]
  2. If accepted, I will reply with a link to proceed with a $29 once-off payment. Why pay $29? See next step:
  3. My team and I proceed to create your Author profile, stitch together a long-scrolling Retina screenshot, add search tags, comment on the most noteworthy features in a micro-review, publish on One Page Love, share it on Twitter and queue it for the next Love Letter Newsletter to thousands of designers/devs/makers. You will also receive Award Certificates once published.

💡 Important things to know before submitting:

  • One Page Website? One Page Love only lists Single Page websites and not full websites with big header navigations to other pages. Learn more about the One Page website niche.
  • What is acceptable? Links to pages like Privacy Policy, Impressum, Press, Terms, Changelog and even Blog sections are acceptable… but preferred to be linked from the website footer. If you have an About or Pricing page on the same domain, linked from the header, I cannot list your website as it becomes a two-page website.
  • What about Landing Pages? Dedicated marketing Landing Pages within big websites are accepted but cannot have a big header navigation to other areas of your website.
  • Will my submission get in? High-quality curation is super important to me (and makes the site much better for everyone) so only 1 out of 5 submissions make the collection. Please don’t let it get you down if not accepted.

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