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Thanks for your interest in being featured on One Page Love:)

Did you know the site started back in 2008 (9 years ago!) and now receives 10k daily visitors.

Submission Information

  • A website or template featured on One Page Love will receive more than 2000 visitors and is shared on all One Page Love social channels 🚀
  • Each feature gets a Retina-optimized long-scrolling screenshot, search tag allocation and a mini-review ✍🏻
  • They also receive Award Ribbons and printable Award Certificates 🎖
  • Payment is handled with Stripe or PayPal and takes 30 seconds 💳
  • A review takes approximately one week – you will be notified when published 💌
  • You will be refunded the full amount if not featured on One Page Love 💵

Submission Checklist

1. One Page Website

We do not list websites or templates that have more than One Page. So if you have a home page AND an about page, we will not list your website. Read more on What exactly is a One Page website.

2. Make sure your One Pager is ready

We all know what it is like, it’s launch day and you’re excited to show everyone but you have a small list of outstanding tasks – finish them first – there is no rush! Make sure you have polished everything as the smallest detail that is incomplete could be the decider for not being featured.

There are three different submission types:

  1. Submit unique, custom One Page websites (Submit for $20)
  2. Submit One Page templates that are for sale (Submit for $49 or email us to be a part of the new Private BETA system where transactions happen within the page, resulting in higher conversions. We review, list and promote for free. You take 75% commission and payouts are weekly via PayPal.)
  3. Submit free One Page templates to give away (free) – email us