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First off, thanks so much for wanting to contribute to One Page Love! It’s just me running this beast so your submission really helps me find the best One Pagers.

Template submission? Please contact me for free template submissions. Premium template submissions are currently closed.

There are three important things to know before you submit:

  1. One Page Love only lists Single Page websites or Landing Pages. Learn more about the One Page website niche or contact me for more info.
  2. Self-promo is allowed. You can submit your new website or a great website you stumbled upon online.
  3. The queue takes around a week to get through. I will only email you if your submission goes live. High-quality curation is super important to me (and makes the site much better for everyone) so please don’t be bleak if your submission doesn’t make the collection <3
  • Just your first name
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  • eg. Big Day Out 2020
  • Full URL, include http:// or https://
  • What is noteworthy about this website - what makes it remarkable - design? features? both? This really helps me inspect and review the website better. eg. great design with a unique team section.
  • The designer, developer or agency
  • Full URL, can be social media profile

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