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This is fantastic Rob. Best format and content I’ve ever seen for Landing Page design.
Mikael Cho Mikael Cho Unsplash - Founder/CEO
A treasure chest opened by Rob on how to master a Landing Page. Subscribe for tons of knowledge.
Dhruvin Shah Dhruvin Shah Tyche Softwares - Head of Products
Thank you for sharing these tips in a digestible manner Rob and reminding us about the basics.
Priya Nain Priya Nain Product Marketing Specialist - Mindvalley
When I get the Hot Tip email I know I can read it anywhere. Plus they bring value, most of the time I'm under impression Rob is talking about my Landing Page.
Bruno Raljic Bruno Raljic codecentric - Software Developer
From: Rob - One Page Love <[email protected]>
To: James Jones <[email protected]>
Subject: 🔥 Landing Page Hot Tip #08 - Replace, don't add

Hi James

Tip #08 is to replace old content when new content arrives.

Your Landing Page with 8 testimonials, does not need a 9th. Kick out the weakest of the bunch.

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The best 6 examples of your wedding photography.

Your top 4 customer reviews. .

The goal is to persuade your Landing Page visitor with as little as possible, not as much as possible


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