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‘Ackerbunt’ is a story, told in a One Page website, about how two sisters converted arid land into a cultivated water haven but now stands between miners and the copper/gold below it. Great to see awareness being spread in this long scrolling format including big imagery, audio and video to enhance the emotions. All the best.

3.500 meters above sea level in a land which suffers extremely from climate change two sisters managed to "grow" water and to create a Garden of Eden. They belong to the tribe of Quechua in Peru, studied agronomics and returned to their hometown. There they realized what often remains an empty phrase: They combined tradition and modernity. They integrated the knowledge of university and the millenniums-old knowledge of the Indians of the Andes. Harvest grew by 30 percent since then. Without pesticides they cultivate more then 1000 kinds of vegetables. But their small paradise is endangered, copper and gold lie beneath. Mining licences are already sold.

I was there together with cameraman Jakob Fuhr. We had a research grant by the Eco Fair Trade Program of EU. Furthermore there is an illustrator and two musicians in our team.

ACKERBUNT / FIELDS OF COLOR is hand coded with HTML5 and java script. The backbone is Alvaro Trigo’s jQuery plug-in fullpage.js and a uniquely developed mechanism for lazy-loading to handle the data load and provide better website speed with videos and big images.
Rob Hope

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