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  • Reviewed: April 25, 2013 by Rob Hope
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Adam Hartwig

UK based Adam Hartwig brought us the awesome Pudding Rush website back in December. He has now officially launched his own portfolio and it comfortably sits in the ‘Most Loved’ category with his previous submission. An exceptional One Pager with so many beautiful illustrations and transitions, you find yourself browsing the site twice. Early contender for One Pager of the year, top job Adam.

A personal creative space, designed and developed from the ground up by myself; built not only as a portfolio but also as an experimental piece. Powered fully by hardware accelerated transitions on modern browsers and taking advantage of HTML-5 and CSS3 features such as the History API for deep linking (a one pager made to look like it's constructed of more for ease of page sharing and SEO), it's made to be a tablet/mobile home screen application experience as much as it is a desktop website. The site utilises 'retina' imagery for hi-density displays ensuring a crisp experience for all screens.

For browsers not so cutting edge, the site is made to switch to different types of animation based on browser abilities, such as replacing CSS 3D transitioning/animation with Math based calculation to ensure user's see a consistent experience.
Categories: Most Loved Portfolio
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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