Alvaro Trigo

Simple, straight forward One Pager for Alvaro Trigo, a full stack dev based in Cambridge, UK. His AJAX-loading projects feature full screen “ripple effect” and “elastic band” animations. Cheers for the excellent build notes – a valuable addition!

If you missed it, we recently interviewed Alvaro about his awesome code contributions to the One Page website community.

It is a light website with a first loading of less than 100Kb that uses compression, concatenation and lazy loading techniques. It makes use of the "nprogress" library for a loader and "unveil" for some images lazy load. Bespoke ripple and an elastic band animations were combined in an attempt to create an original effect when showing some full screen popups with extra information. Important to mention the accessibility effort that was put on making those popups accessible by URL when sharing the link. Accessible also through the back and forward buttons in the browser. The site is making use of 2 APIs, the Github one in order to extract the number of stars of each repository, and the one to show the city, country and world ranking. It is also using a cache system to speed it up and to reduce the number of calls to the API which is limited per day.
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