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  • Reviewed: February 25, 2013
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Come to think of it, out all the wallpaper sites out there, this one is by far curated the best. Such a beautiful minimalistic selection. Good one pager too where titles link directly to wallpapers... no ads, no clutter.
The aim was to create a minimalistic wallpaper gallery focused on, uhm, wallpapers. Minimal functionality: download, source and a 'like button'. All Javascript and CSS was written by me, including the mouse hover offset effect on each wallpaper and the 'like' animation. Backend is built in Kirby CMS for content & MySQL for the likes. Hope you like. :)
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

I founded One Page Love back in 2008. It's come a long way but I want to continuously add value to your experience. Please tweet or email me with any questions or suggestions.