‘Atterwasch’ is an interactive One Page website documentary about the German village of Atterwasch which is under pressure to make way for a brown coal open-cast mine. Love how they’ve coined the phrase “Scroll Doc” for this type of content interaction while scrolling down. What’s great is you are free to determine the pace of the narrative yourself. This One Pager is extremely well executed and I’m hoping the start of a new trend of story telling.

Atterwasch is a small village that currently experiences what it means to be self-sufficient energy-wise. In today's Germany, one might ask, does it really mean anything? The question rights true, as entire villages continue to be dismantled and displaced, despite being energy role models. Atterwasch is the latest in a series of German villages under threat, as brown coal (lignite) lies underneath. Since 2007, a major energy group has been eager to dig up the coal under Atterwasch in order to turn it into cheap power supplying industries and cities. But the Atterwasch case raises the questions: is this just? Is this what Germany means with its energy transition

Design: The World We Live In
Development: Honig Studios
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