Beautiful Interactions

Long-scrolling One Pager featuring on-trend colorful gradients and drop shadows for digital studio ’Beautiful Interactions’. Cheers for the build notes!

When we started thinking about how to build our company website, we had a lot of different ideas in mind, but the most important of those was not to use stock photography to describe who we are. It is very difficult to represent the concepts of IoT and IT Web Development without using the abused imagery of networks, fancy chips and circuitry or modern city skylines! Thus we opted for a different approach, using strong colours, gradients and representing what we do using simple but effective icons.

From a strictly technical point of view, we wanted our site to be fast. With so many graphic elements we opted to gain performance by developing a completely static website, without any CMS or frameworks attached. The development involved the use of PUG for the markup, SASS for the styles and babel/ES6 for the javascript part. All of this is bundled and optimized using Webpack. The final result is a website that weights just 750kb.

We were so happy with the result that we elected this methodology as our font-end stack for developing static websites.
Categories Service
Typefaces Open Sans
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