Minimal Landing Page for Bird Folder, a fun app that renames macOS Finder new folders after random birds. The page appears simple at first but there is so much attention-to-detail resulting in a wonderful charm. Note how the Finder interface is cursor sensitive on all elements and even utilizes the left Finder menu to scroll you to the page sections. The background texture, the whitespace, the light system font and the uncluttered chat-style testimonials – all contribute to a very clean design. But my best highlight is how the Finder before-after demo changes the standard grey drop shadow to the main page blue when demo’ing the renamed bird folders. Oooofff!

This website has unfortunately been redesigned or gone offline, so I have removed the direct link to it. However we have preserved an HTML version here, as well as the full Retina screenshot below. Hope these still serve some good inspiration! FYI: the site was first featured on 12 February 2021.