Buses: the Weird and Wonderful

An informational One Pager taking a look at the “Weird and Wonderful” history of Buses. The colorful One Page website is filled with fun animations and interesting facts. Thanks for such great build notes below.

A beautifully designed One Page interactive graphic depicting the surprisingly weird and wonderful facts about busses. This Parallax scroller showcases quirky content alongside fun animations. A somewhat challenging CSS project, Rob Matwiejczyk, the developer behind this piece shares his build notes:

"The most rewarding part of the build was learning to manipulate some relatively complex SVGโ€™s. I figured out pretty quickly that too many nested groups & paths can cause problems when targeting individual parts of the illustration, so I tried to keep the files as flat as possible to make CSS animations easier. Animating the swallowing bus was also really enjoyable. It required some careful layering and precise timings to achieve the right effect, but i think it was worth the effort. The googly eyes were just the icing on the cake."
Categories Informational
Typefaces Open Sans
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