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Capital & Centric

Really unique AJAX-loading One Pager for ‘Capital & Centric’ – an award-winning commercial property investor and developer. The One Pager features a block-style isotope layout that is completely random on load. Also, some might disagree, but I quite like the nomination announcement before the site loads up. Great to know this is also built on WordPress too, they’ve done a good job with a lot of content. Thank you for the detailed build notes below…

Capital & Centric work differently to most property developers – they cut out the jargon, speak like real people and deliver commercial developments that are driven by benefits to the local populations, design and environmental impact. So when it came to developing their new site it made sense to not follow the tried and tested route used by the vast majority of their competitors – banner across the top with four rectangles sitting underneath.

We decided to communicate their message via a single page of 'snapshot' content and hidden case studies – it allowed Capital & Centric to get their message across without reaming off paragraphs of copy and gave visitors to the site a more informal read.

The content is regularly updated and a random selection is displayed on each visit with 'fixed' content such as the partner profiles and project case studies displayed at all times. As the story of a project develops – from planning, to construction and delivery – the content on the site grows with it. The whole site was built on WordPress with a totally bespoke installation of the CMS and front end.
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