Great looking One Pager with clean typography for custom branding and web design studio Clickpivot. Lovely touch with quick fire pop-up portfolio and also the interactive quote generator further down. Cheers for the excellent build notes!

Clickpivot was handcrafted. No templates or frameworks used. The challenge was finishing my site. As a busy web designer Iโ€™m so focused on taking care of everyone elseโ€™s needs that I neglected my own. It was time to stop procrastinating and set up a game plan. I limited myself to use one color, one page and gave myself one week to finish it. These constraints pushed me to be creative. First I had to condense the 5 page website that I had in my head into a simple one-pager. Just because something is simple, doesnโ€™t mean it will be easy. I went through many versions before I found a good balance of type, images and whitespace. In the past my portfolio section was the most time consuming. As a time saver I came up with the quick fire pop-up portfolio. The moment I finished the site I started obsessing over the details and had this urge to redo everything. But I stuck to the deadline and launched. I chose progress over perfection, simply because perfection does not exist.
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