Minimal Landing Page for Cruip – a new theme shop offering free (if you sign up) Landing Pages for startups. The template designs are fresh and I look forward to featuring a few on One Page Love soon!

Weโ€™ve found that there is a pretty common path with makers and early-stage startups: They often build excellent products, but they donโ€™t have a budget or proper skills to set up a well-designed landing page! It can be a huge handicap if youโ€™re just starting out, so this is our attempt to solve that matter. Weโ€™ll keep adding 1-2 new templates per month on, and our aim is to turn this venture into a huge gallery of free HTML landing pages for startups.
Tailwind CSS and Refactoring UI
New Podcast
Tailwind CSS founder Adam Wathan is the latest Yo! Podcast guest.