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CSSConf Argentina 2018

Dark-schemed One Pager for the upcoming CSSConf event in Argentina. Really like how they included parking, subway, train and bus routes to help get to the venue easier.

We built this page together with Eva Ferreira, who is also one of the organizer of the CSSConf Argentina. I (Gabrielle Gatti) did the UX-UI for the landing and she coded it. The main challenge was to fulfill expectations this event is representing for the international community. Besides, we also had to iterate, design and release the page within short timeframes as we needed to display it as soon as possible to attract potential sponsors, while not delaying the organizing team in the general preparation of the event. It also has been a challenge for me on the design part as I had to renew the visual communication of the event while staying consistent to some extent with the previous edition's identity.
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