Cyril Conton

Real unique One Page portfolio for Cyril Conton featuring an interactive tagline switcher, AJAX loading projects and impressive corner animations for different sections of his site. Cheers for the build notes!

A personal portfolio is the perfect excuse to experiment with user interface and alternative user experience design. So for 2019, I set out to create a website from scratch, without compromising on UI or UX, while pushing my technical skills. The One Pager was designed to be simple, functional, responsive, where the projects displayed would be the main focus as it is, after all, a portfolio. It would also integrate illustrations, with full CSS3 SVG animations, meticulously tailored, which required a heavy dose of dedication to get right. Getting the website to be fully responsive was quite a time consuming part, as the navigation appears radically different from mobile to desktop. But I made a point to have this website functional and not just aโ€œ large-screen-accessible websiteโ€.
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