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Date featured: February 26, 2013
Template? No, this is a unique design
Built by: Unknown
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Unique One Page Website Review

Daft Punk

French Duo, Daft Punk, have just replaced their site with a one pager consisting of what seems to be a hint of a rebranding...
  • charlie

    really? a black page with an image on it!?! looks like a landing page from 1999.

    • Rob Hope

      Hi Carlie. It’s more an example how a very popular music group can create hype in a launching soon page. This potentially means a rebranding, new look, new album etc. It’s big news. Definitely nothing to take from the design except it’s mysterious.

  • Dan

    I agree. It’s nice but this isn’t inspiring at all. I spent a minute waiting for something to happen…