Democracy and its trajectories: India at 70

Tons of flavor in this long-scrolling One Pager filled with colorful illustrations and informational videos leading up to the conference ’Democracy and its trajectories: India at 70’. Lovely touch with the texture animations behind the sticky header and how they reveal the video/article/speaker sections. You can see a ton of work has gone into this site, great work!

How to create a conference website without any photos or reference materials? How to dwell inside such a diverse and sensite topic such as 70 years of Indian democracy? Combine one of the best political illustrators on Balkans with ROAR Magazine's art director and his fellow partner-in-development-crimes to figure out a visual approach to the subject and create a One Pager with deeper entry points (such as list of speakers & videos). The biggest challenge was keeping academic clarity typography-wise and not getting tied to typical western stereotypes of India's culture, while playing with different pieces of traditional Indian textiles - they constitute a small sampling from a dynamic parade of unrelenting culture: the literal and metaphorical fabric of diverse Indian society.
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