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Dennis Souy Sengthong

One Page portfolio for graphic designer Dennis Souy Sengthong from Minneapolis, USA. For some reason I’m not feeling the Helvetica – maybe it is the weights. The site goes responsive but feels unfinished in that dept. Love this version of the “hamburger” icon slide out menu that is common at the moment. Also dig the minimal logo against the lumber image in the intro section. Last little shout out to a message in the source asking for code feedback, nice one.

This one page build is unique in the fact that each section overlaps one another as you go down, at first I was struggling with having a negative z-index on a page and having things on that page un-selectable, but then I switched over to a positive z-index which solved everything. The DSS in every left corner, except the last page is a gif upon hover which is just a little easter egg I threw in there. Overall being a portfolio, I think a lot of me came through on the actual site design and I hope you enjoy and have fun with overlapping effect.
Categories: Portfolio
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Rob Hope

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