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  • Reviewed: July 25, 2015
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Quality product imagery in this One Pager for 'Farbenhaus' - a service that paints wooden houses, fences, terraces and other wooden constructions. The One Pager features a neat wooden post infographic to help understand what goes into their 8-step process.
One of the key ideas is to show users how many colors we can suggest for painting their houses. There are 5 collections of colors, which are contain from 50 to 5000 tones. Automatic switching and examples on texture help users to understand the breadth of choice.

Gifts, which users can get, are presented in the form of houses. The most difficult task was made correctly movement on scrolling in different browsers. Finally, 3D model of timber show what happens with wood on each step of working.
Categories: Landing Page Service
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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