Nobody Loves You More Than Me: Finding Margarete

Long-form Journalism One Pager telling the tale of Margarete Back’s survival during the Holocaust. Neat touch with the interactive material and thread revealing letters written by Margarete to her daughters.

In 2016, the Australian artist Anne Zahalka begins the melancholy task of sorting her mother Hedyโ€™s belongings after her death. Among them she finds a pile of letters sheโ€™s never seen before. Sheโ€™s mystified โ€“ but as she reads on, she starts to understand. The letters are from Anneโ€™s grandmother โ€“ Margarete Back. As she reads, Anne traces her finger over the time and place where they begin: March 1938, Vienna. Fifty-five-year-old Margarete and her teenage daughters, Lore and Hedy, are living together in a comfortable apartment when Hitlerโ€™s army marches into the city.
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