Responsive flat-designed Landing Page with an orange and black scheme for ‘Folio’ – a new portfolio creating solution. The slideshow seems a touch buggy with an inconsistent speed. Good reference to loading up terms & conditions with a clear overlay screen.

Folio builds on Wordpress, providing a minimal portfolio front-end with simple and flexible live-editing tools for users who want to focus on creative efforts rather than the clerical coding and configuration that can accompany Wordpress.

The site design is focused on direct messaging and bold graphics. A two-colour scheme of bright orange on the black to further continue that bold and bright quality that we like. ย 

We created an overlay system for forms and secondary components and other custom responsive elements using client-side javascript templating.ย 

The portal itself is written in CoffeeScript and uses Stylus for preparing CSS. ย Everything is tightly packaged with our Grunt and node.js build setup.ย 

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