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FS Untitled

Brilliant One Pager acting as an interactive “playground” to experience the dynamic digital typeface by Fontsmith called ‘FS Untitled’. Tons of work went into this – there are 48 different interactive “scenes” to play with. Thanks for such excellent build notes, our readers really love this stuff.

The One Page website needed to showcase the font's pixel friendly design and flexibility. The playground was built using hand-crafted HTML5, ES6 and Sass on a Laravel 5 core. No external libraries were used, and no assets other than the typeface and screenshot previews are loaded - everything is generated by code. One of the main challenges was trying to achieve 48 different interactive scenes without having to write them all as separate pieces of code. We developed core rendering and interactivity engines and a plugin architecture so we could input varying data and configurations to create completely different visual results. This also meant the core script is small (156k) giving fast performance and an enjoyable user experience. Read more about this on our blog.
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