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June 6, 2016 - Sponsored

Get paid by your US and EU clients with Payoneer

payoneer-logoBig love to Payoneer – this weeks RSS feed and website sponsor.

Payoneer is a financial service that allows you to get paid by companies and clients in the US, EU, UK and Japan.

Upon sign up, you get given a Payoneer Mastercard that pretty much works anywhere in the world. This is especially useful if you live and freelance in a remote country.

Also rad for when you are on your next holiday and you can swipe or withdraw from your Payoneer Mastercard flawlessly. Awesome:)

Can I transfer the money to my local bank account?

Absolutely! You can withdraw money to your local bank account at any time.

“I can honestly say that Payoneer has changed my life! My biggest problem has been solved, and now I can withdraw money that I received online through the US Payment Service, without having to incur in any expenses, like depositing money to open such an account.” ~ Eduardo Grude, Co-Founder, Grudeweb, LLC, Venezuela

The real beauty of the service is that they provide US, EU, UK and Japanese companies with legitimate bank account details on your behalf. They pay into that account and the money is transferred to your Payoneer online balance.

Excellent but what are the fees?

The convenience is really priceless but of course there need to be fees to make it all sustainable. The cost per year is $29 to use Payoneer BUT good to know if your account balance is $0 then there are no fees.

To swipe your card anywhere in the world is free! There is a 3% foreign transaction fee when transactions are made in a different currency.

To withdraw at an ATM in the US is $1.75 per withdrawal and $3.15 outside the US.

Sign up with Payoneer now and get a $25 Bonus!

If you signup with this link, once you have received your first $100 through the service, Payoneer Mastercard will give you an additional $25 as a thank you.