Responsive Landing Page promoting BETA access to a new communication application called ‘Gitter’. Make sure you use your mobile to test the responsive and not resizing your browser.

Gitter is a communication product for technical teams. One of the key challenges we had with our front page is that we have two very distinct user demographics: Open source communities and businesses. We wanted to make this clear on the front page. Previously we had this states as two separate value propositions on a single hero image, but felt the message was diluted.

We ended up trialling an experiment using a large image + value proposition carousel. The first image has a broad, attention-seeking value proposition (less email!) and a call to action to learn a bit more. The subsequent two images in the slide show talk to each of the two user audiences.

We were pleasantly surprised when the test indicated a 32% increase in conversion to signup and though it would provide good inspiration for other people with similar split demographic audiences.
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