Gunes Peksen Studio

Unique One Page portfolio for Gunes Peksen Studio that switches between project showcases as you scroll. Cheers for the insightful build notes!

The idea behind this portfolio design is creating a simple, good-looking and super-fast portfolio experience to give necessary first impressions about a multi-disciplinary experience and to set ideas about possible collaborations which can later turn into a dialog.

So I defined 2 basic problems to solve; First of them is TIME: People don't spend much time to observe a portfolio page in detail. It clearly is about first impressions. In that case a minute of showreel could also be a nice option to talk about a multi-disciplinary experience but i intended to give more CONTROL to the visitors for switching between the works.

Second one is RESPONSIVE DESIGN: I really like the interaction and fast response in "hover to preview" examples. But I was specifically looking for a solution that works exactly in the same way on both desktop and mobile. And these challenges led me to the final design solution: a SIMPLE-looking "scroll to select" version of "hover to preview" interaction which allows visitors to preview the works as they scroll, like forwarding and rewinding a showreel.
Categories Portfolio
Typefaces Canela GT America
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