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Hire Me, Berlin

Tiffany Tee Tran has created this CV/Pitch One Pager aimed at any company in Berlin that is looking for employees. I love what she has done here and a great reference to how you can spice up a CV which would instantly separate Tiffany from the pack.

"Hire Me, Berlin" is a pitch for Berlin companies in an attempt to hire California-based designer & illustrator Tiffany Tee Tran. The website is a storytelling one page scroll that explains to selected companies why she wants to move to Berlin while showcasing both design and developer skills. A successful effort at standing out from other applicants, Tiffany has received multiple job offers not just in Berlin, but other areas of Europe as well.

Tiffany taught herself how to code websites just a few months ago, so this is her first "big" website that she is proud of developing. She used Pete Design's One Page Scroll plugin.
Categories: Personal Résumé
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