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  • Reviewed: July 5, 2013 by Rob Hope
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Hoborg Design Studio

Parallax scrolling One Page portfolio for designer Ali Pordeli. Like how his personal portrait assembles as you scroll down.

I am a freelance designer and animator living in Jacksonville, Florida. Though my background is in illustration and design, my innate desire to create things led me into the animation world. There’s nothing quite like watching your characters moving, illustrating new ideas, or working on a design for hours and bringing that to life. This is a labor of love — this is what fuels me. I’m meticulous and concerned with the details - and that’s reflected in my work.

During the past several years, I produced a couple dozen animations. I have created websites that incorporate dynamic images and flash integration. I illustrated several children’s books, and designed many characters for different purposes. And probably more projects that I can't remember. I work insanely hard to make working with me an awesome user experience. I am truly proud of being a team-player. If I am not sleeping, chances are high that I am designing or working on new ideas. I'm an addict.
Categories: Portfolio
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