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Parallax scrolling One Page portfolio for designer Ali Pordeli. Like how his personal portrait assembles as you scroll down.

I am a freelance designer and animator living in Jacksonville, Florida. Though my background is in illustration and design, my innate desire to create things led me into the animation world. Thereโ€™s nothing quite like watching your characters moving, illustrating new ideas, or working on a design for hours and bringing that to life. This is a labor of love โ€” this is what fuels me. Iโ€™m meticulous and concerned with the details - and thatโ€™s reflected in my work.

During the past several years, I produced a couple dozen animations. I have created websites that incorporate dynamic images and flash integration. I illustrated several childrenโ€™s books, and designed many characters for different purposes. And probably more projects that I can't remember. I work insanely hard to make working with me an awesome user experience. I am truly proud of being a team-player. If I am not sleeping, chances are high that I am designing or working on new ideas. I'm an addict.
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